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Image by Diana Polekhina

Episode 5:
Eating Disorders

About the episode

We are so lucky to have Rach come and talk to us about her lived experience with bulimia.  She talks to us about how her eating disorder first came to be, the impact on her mental and physical wellbeing and the long road to recovery. Rach's story is a truly inspiring one and she hopes that by sharing the details which she had kept secret for many years and being honest will help others who may be experiencing the same difficulties she once faced.  

In this episode we talk very openly about Rach's experience including loneliness, fear, addiction and social pressure for body perfection. 

Further information is available via the recommended support networks below. 

Trigger warning: This episode goes into details of bulimia and eating disorders.

Podcast available on:

Recommended support networks and resources are:


Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Strong Tea, we hope you’ll be back for more!

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