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What is a Mental Health First Aider?

A Mental Health First Aider is someone who provides first and immediate assistance to members of staff who are experiencing poor mental health, anxiety, depression, and includes those who are experiencing a mental health crisis situation. Mental Health First Aiders are crucial to helping boost employee wellbeing, particularly at a time of social, financial, and workplace change.

I will be your staff's point of contact for when they are experiencing mental health issues or emotional distress, as well as providing workshops, resources, and regular communications to provide your staff the tools to look after their own mental health. 

Benefits to your business

  • Provides the workforce with a safe point of contact outside of the organisation

  • Gives you and your staff the access to skills and expertise in the area of mental health 

  • Provides learning and resources for all your staff

  • Gives reassurance that there is someone who can help in a mental health crisis at work

  • Improves staff wellbeing, engagement, and productivity

  • Contracts start from as little as £300 for 6 hours of Mental Health First Aid a month. 


Contact me to arrange a 1 to 1 to discuss your requirements and how I can help.

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