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Staff & Parental Support Services 

How Can I Help Your Staff and your Business?

As well as coaching support, I am also a Mental Health First Aider, working with organisations as a first point of contact for their workforce. To find out more click on the following button.

I run courses and programmes for businesses and organisations by providing powerful transformational coaching solutions to your staff. Enabling them to discover tools, techniques, and self reflection to help them avoid stress, overwhelm and burnout, whilst also providing clarity and empowerment.

Download the brochure with coaching programmes and services here. 

A study of Fortune 500 companiesreported that coaching resulted in a 61% improvement in jo

Supporting mums and parents taking maternity leave

The programme includes 1:1 coaching sessions before, during and after maternity leave, and free course.


Paternity & Parental Coaching Program

A supportive program for fathers and parents taking paternity & parental related leave.

Includes 1:1 coaching before and/or after paternity or parental related leave, and webinar (The Wellness Balance: Work, Family & You)


Work:Life Balance Coaching Program

A supportive program for all individuals wanting to address stress, overwhelm and avoid burnout.

Includes 1:1 coaching, and access to coaching tools and exercises.

Pick & Mix

Choose one or more to tailor the coaching program you need.

  • 1:1 coaching service for your staff

  • Facilitation of group discussions with your working parents to learn more about what challenges they face

  • Help in identifying the actions and strategies you could put in place to better support your staff 

  • Help to form Parent Staff Networks


Controlling Worry

Whilst we all worry about uncertainty from time to time, it can be a huge catalyst for stress and poor mental health. Worry causes tension, poor sleep, fatigue, problems concentrating, and is a huge contributor to burnout. It can negatively impact us at home and in the workplace which is why finding ways to control our worry provides a solid foundation in managing anxiety and stress. This webinar covers what worry really is, how it works, how we can identify our own cycles of worry, and how we can stop it from controlling us, and what we do.​

Avoiding Burnout

Day to day we may find ourselves accumulating stress and overwhelm, sending us on the road to burnout. It not only causes physical and mental exhaustion for ourselves, but also has a huge impact on those around us. Some times we are unaware or don't understand how we have got ourselves onto this path and can feel like we are spinning plates with no way out. This webinar covers what contributes to burnout, how we can identify it in ourselves and others, and what we can do to stop ourselves from burning out.

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