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Recharging Your Mummy Battery 

This is a fantastic short course designed to help all mums. It will get you to take a moment and look at what is draining your energy, what is causing you stress and overwhelm, and to discover practical and effective ways of how you can avoid burnout and recharge your battery.

Course price for Maternal Mental Health Month (May)

If you find that you:

  • often feel overwhelmed

  • are unable to control stress levels

  • don't know how to stop juggling everything

  • have niggling thoughts or feelings

  • and are on the path to burnout

Then this course is for you.

As mums we have to spin a lot of plates. Constantly. It means that our battery runs down quickly and we often end up running on empty. 

The Recharging Your Mummy Battery Course is here to help you identify how and why this happens to you, and what life coaching tools and techniques can help you recharge.

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What does the course cover?

The course is all done online and in your own time. Over the three recorded sessions you will learn:​

  • What burnout looks like and how it happens

  • The importance of stress cycles and what you can do to limit the damage of every day stress

  • What we can do to relieve worry

  • How Negative Automatic Thoughts can impact our beliefs and behaviour and what we can do to stop them

  • Additional life coaching tools, techniques and exercises to help you address and recharge your mummy battery

  • The power that coaching can provide to you and other mums

How much is it?

The whole programme costs £79.99 and this includes the three recorded sessions you can access whenever you want.

Payment will be taken at the time of booking and you will then receive access to the course.


"Brilliant course - well thought out with lots of really practical and useful information. "

- Naomi

"Not only did the course equip me with the skills I needed, but I had a real feeling that I'm not alone and “everyone is in the same boat”. I would thoroughly and without hesitation recommend this course to anyone." 

- Alex

"A fantastic course, providing a relaxed opportunity to learn in my own time. A passionate practitioner that inspired me to look for the positives and to have more confidence in the job we do."

- Sarah

"The whole course was fantastic. I actually looked forward to each session and knew I would feel better at the end of it. Hearing another point of view and being asked to think about things differently really helped me. Everything was explained clearly and I wish I had a session I could check into every day!"

- Clare

"I think this is a fantastic course with really useful and relatable content. I would definitely recommend this to other mums."

- Jo

 "Vikki was a very positive and engaging coach, she knew her subject very well and delivered the course sensitively and confidently. I'd definitely recommend it to other mums."

- Carolynn

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me by clicking the button below.

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