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Welcome to the Strong Tea Podcast! A collaboration of two passionate women wanting to open up and provide the space to talk about the topics people are often too worried to ask questions about. 

Covering topics like death, sexual abuse, eating disorders, surrogacy, disability, trans surgery, addiction, and living with bipolar, Strong Tea is all about learning and talking openly about the things that are still considered taboo, or 'difficult to talk about'. The things that we should be educating ourselves and others on, and the topics that we need to be discussing more.  We want to give everyone the chance to hear from some of the most inspiring people we have met, and to learn from their experiences. We want our listeners to feel empowered to carry the conversation on and to make these topics less taboo and controversial.  

The Strong Tea series was co-founded by myself and Katie Russell and you can access all our episodes on all major podcast platforms. You can find out more, including reading guest bios, accessing links, and resources via our website

For more direct links to our podcast you can find us on...

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Simply head to your podcast platform of choice and search "strongteachat"

Come and join us for a cuppa.

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