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Episode 4: Surviving Mental Breakdown

About the episode

We cannot tell you how honored we feel having Kez come and talk to us about her lived experience of having (and surviving) a mental breakdown. She talks us through some truly incredible and heartbreaking times during her struggles and recovery. This is an inspiring and eye opening episode that we hope will not only inform and help you learn more about what happens when the brain and body can't take anymore, but also what you can do to spot the signs and how to look after yourself.  

In the podcast we talk very openly about Kez's experience and the incredibly difficult times from the build up, the breakdown and learning how to be Kez again. We talk about the importance of strength, support, and seeking help. Further information is available via the recommended support networks below. 

Trigger warning: This episode goes into details of mental health, anxiety, stress and experience of having a mental breakdown.

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Recommended support networks are: 

Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Strong Tea, we hope you’ll be back for more!


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