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Image by Chad Madden

Episode 1: Grief

Our first episode launches during National Grief Awareness Week. Both Katie & myself have recently experienced significant loss in our lives, Katie with the death of her newborn daughter and me with the loss of her mother.

About the episode

This frank, open and honest discussion is two women baring their hearts to try and help others in a similar situation or those trying to support those burdened with grief.


Death and grief are topics which are often not discussed as people fear them, that’s completely understandable and hopefully talking about our experiences will help others feel more open to sharing their own.


On the video we talked about a series of things which will help and support during times of grief, whether it be yourself or if you are supporting someone experiencing loss.


Trigger Warning: This video does discuss death, loss, grief, cancer, child loss, parental loss and neonatal death.


Support Groups:

Cruse Bereavement -

At A Loss -

The Good Grief Trust -


Support Groups specifically for baby loss:

A full article with many resources for support on Strong & Brave, these can be accessed here:


Books on grief & loss:

Finding Meaning by David Kessler

Listen by Kathryn Mannix


Books specifically on baby loss:

Saying Goodbye by Zoe Clarke-Coates

Ask Me His Name by Elle Wright

Life After Baby Loss by Nicola Gaskin


Thank you so much for watching episode one of Strong Tea, we hope you’ll be back for more!


If you’d like to get in touch with Strong Tea, you can via our email address:

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