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Are you a Victim or a Rescuer? - How to Avoid the Drama Triangle.

As mums, we can find that we have to adopt different rules of communication with the various people in our lives. It can be a struggle to switch between our various communication modes at work and at home, especially for mums returning to work after a career break. Under pressure, we can find ourselves at risk of talking to our colleagues like we do to our toddlers, our contractors like we do to our teenagers, and ourselves like we do to a bad driver who cuts us up. To determine the best behaviour, language, and approach to achieve success in a conversation is one of the many skills we have to learn, considering the large number of “hats” we wear. It is tempting to talk to a disgruntled customer as if they were a toddler having a tantrum because instinctively, we respond through emotion, and our reactive brains recognise these situations as not being too dissimilar. A fantastic way of reflecting on these social interactions and your role in them, is to look at the ‘Drama Triangle’.

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