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Dear Imperfectly Perfect Parents - Thank You

Social media can be a minefield for parents. As can searching on Google. And the hundreds of 'perfect parenting' books we are recommended. In fact, in quite a few places you look, you see how parenting ‘should be done’, how your kids ‘should behave’, how mums are supposed to be able to do it all, how dads and partners should be successful and strong for their family, what a ‘normal’ family should look like – it’s overwhelming. The messages parents receive are confusing especially when what you see, read and hear isn’t real or authentic. Which is why I want to say thank you.

To the mums who keep it raw, down to earth, and real. Who tell us what it is like to not be able to shower all day and wear the same leggings for 3 days because there’s been no time to do the washing. Mums who show us the beauty of a post birth body without filters to radiate its strength and show its incredible powers of growing a human. The mums who are unapologetic in giving turkey dinosaurs for dinner instead of organically grown veg because they’re too knackered and can’t be bothered to make cuisine from scratch. The mums who support other mums by listening and not judging on the difficulties that juggling motherhood, work, relationships, and mental health can bring. The mums who shout about their guilt and pass on reassurance to others. The mums who show us that wonder women don’t wear capes, but instead can be covered in snot, dribble and God knows what else.

To the dads and partners who are all about family. That get unfair surprising looks whilst they are at baby classes because they are doing as much as the mum or other parent. Those who are proud to be stay at home dads and partners. Those who allow their kids to explore and have make up stuck in their beards and forget to take the nail polish off before work. To those who struggle and miss their family because they’re expected to work hard for that promotion. To those who feel like the ‘second’ parent and don’t get as many hugs or kisses but feel nothing but love. To those who give unconditional support but show emotion and vulnerability in front of their kids.

To the LGBT+ families who show us the realness of living in a world where things aren’t always fair or even built for you. To those who navigate social pressure and cultural legacy making it harder to raise a family and be your true self. Those who show us that however a family is made up, you are still a family built on love, laughter, and growth.

Thank you for keeping it real and showing us that it is more than ok to be a imperfectly perfect parent. In fact, it’s the best and I’m proud to be part of your tribe.

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